If the answer is "no", then perhaps you should look at the "Laguna Oaks" new "Golden Golf" Scoring System. Architect Fred Langford has designed this new Golf Course Scoring Concept for some of the players at his Laguna Oaks Golf Course.

For hundreds of years, the different skills of golfers have been handled with a handicap system that produced a Tee to Green distance relative to skill levels. Golf courses have arranged the Tee to Green yardage on each hole by locating the tees forward for the high handicappers and further away from the greens for low handicap golfers.

In an effort to make golf less intimidating and encourage young or new golfers, Laguna Oaks Par-3 Golf Course offers the "Golden Golf" scoring system. With this innovative new approach the tee locations vary slightly but the big difference is the par rating.

For instance, Laguna Oaks 180 yard Par-3 (not an easy shot on any course) becomes a Par-5 for the high handicap player.

Laguna Oaks also has a 170 yard and a 165 yard Par -3 when playing from. The "Low Handicap" Blue Tees. These two holes are also listed as Par-5s when you are playing the Golden System. Now these long Par-3s become Golden Golf Par-5s and do not threaten golfers who can't reach the green in one shot. If they get on the green in 3 shots and then "2-putt", they have achieved a par by these new standards.

Back to back Golden Pennants are the symbols used to designate the targets between tees and green. The mid range holes at Laguna Oaks range from 124 to 150 yards. These become Par-4s for the Golden Golf system. There are two Golden short holes that remain Par-3s -- number 16 (67 yards) and number 18 (61 yards) -- but to keep the challenge interesting these two short holes are both over water. Hole 16 to an island green and Hole 18 to a peninsula.

Fred Langford believes that if you want to encourage young golfers and new golfers of any age, golf courses have to become less intimidating. Fred feels that Par-3 Courses are the answer. Laguna Oaks Par-3 Golf Course takes his belief to a higher level with the "Golden Golf" concept.